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Our consultants have served as senior leaders within Fortune 500 and public sector organizations. We have deep experience with Big 4/Big 5 consulting firms, and we take pride in leveraging that experience to assist you with achieving your organizational objectives. Our goal is to deliver unrivaled professional services to improve your  bottom line.


Today's business leaders know that  close management of their organization's products and services is the key to attracting, generating, and sustaining business in the global marketplace.  With in-depth experience leading multi-million dollar efforts for global organizations, Palaurice is ready to assist you in leveraging our staff's experience to increase your success.


We understand that winning new business can make or break an organization. Product, program, and brand management are intertwined. However, you must also focus on client service. We are here to help. 


An increasingly competitive business environment means that business confidentiality is of critical importance. Our partners have held the highest level security clearances from past work with confidential agencies and we commit to maintaining your institutional knowledge and competitive advantage. Your privacy and security concerns are paramount. Rest easy knowing that your organization's trade secrets are not at risk of disclosure.

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