Strategic Contracting and Coaching Program

For our Premium service offering, Palaurice offers the right support  to meet your business goals by offering direct support to you in either on-on-one or group coaching sessions.  We guide you through the local, state, and federal government purchasing processes in this 3 month program, while offering tailored contracting advisement to meet your unique business needs. 

Quality Control Review

We value your institutional knowledge. If you have developed a response to an opportunity internally, and would like to have it reviewed by a Palaurice professional, we will perform our quality control review to ensure that your response meets all relevant standards.

Web Design & Development

We provide standardized and custom web design services to meet your organization's needs and budget. Our focus is on high quality, cost-effective options that promote your business and give you the best online presence possible to compete in the market.

Proposal Development and Coaching Program

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand. We will coach you through the proposal development process, using our branded centralized program, to ensure that you market your business in the best possible manner for local, state, and federal government opportunities.

Website Maintenance & Social Media

Our consultants provide website consultation and maintenance services for both Palaurice developed sites and externally developed sites. In addition, we work with clients on social media presence creation and development. As your collaborative partner, we will help you to determine your needs and the best medium to reach your desired audience.

Opportunity Consultation

We take your readiness to execute client needs personally. That is why we offer general consultation services to discuss your company's fit and readiness for an opportunity and assessment of company strengths.  Palaurice professionals will also offer additional insight into procurement related processes so that you are prepared.

Palaurice Management Partners

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